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  • Are you licensed? If so, for how long?"
    A:Yes. Licensed for 167 children, renewed annually.
  • How long have you been in business?
    A:The Nannies Unlimited Child Center and Preschool Inc. has been in business since 1997.
  • What are your operating hours?
    A:Monday through Friday, 6:00 am – 5:30 pm.
  • What ages do you accept?
    A:Six (6) weeks through eleven (11) years of age.
  • What is the infant (or child) to caregiver ratio?
    A:Age of the child : Minimum Ratio Two weeks to two years One to every 4 children Two years One to every 7 children Three years One to every 10 children Four years One to every 12 children Five years to ten years One to every 15 children Ten years and over One to every 20 children.
  • When could I (we) tour the center?
    A: Tours are conducted by appointment only. Please feel free to contact us either by email or by phone (515) 264-8288 ask for Ms. Cindy.
  • What is your vacation policy?
    A:You must pay for the full week even if your child is on vacation. The Center charges by the week, regardless of the number of days your child attends.
  • Are there key holidays or dates that the Center closes?
    A: The Center is closed on the following dates: New Years Day Memorial Day July 4th Labor Day Thanksgiving Day and the day afte Christmas Eve (close at 12:00 pm) Christmas Day If the holiday falls on a Sunday then the following Monday the Center will be closed. If the holiday falls on a Saturday then the Center will be closed on the Friday, the day before.
  • Do you charge for sick days?
    A:You must pay for the full week even if your child misses a day whether it is due to illness, or they are just not attending that week. The Center charges by the week, if your child attends one day or five days you will be charged for the entire week.
  • When are the fees due?
    A:Payment is due every Monday morning unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Outstanding balances shall never exceed one week of daycare fees.
  • Have all staff and caregivers submitted to background and criminal checks?
    A:Yes. Each employee personnel record has a copy of Form 595-1396 DHS Criminal History Record Check, Form B completed and forwarded to the Department of Human Services, Child Care Licensing Support before the start of employment. The Department initiates the required child abuse registry check upon receipt of the DHS Criminal History Record Check.
  • Does the Center have first aid supplies available?
    A:The Center ensures that a clearly labeled first-aid kit is available and easily accessible to the staff at all times whether the children are in the Center, in the outdoor play area, or on field trips. The kits have sufficient supplies to address first aid related to minor injuries.
  • Does everyone on the staff know first aid and CPR (and if applicable, infant CPR)?"
    A: There is at least one staff person on duty in the Center and outdoor play area when children are present and present on field trips over the age of 18 and holds a current certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  • Will you administer medication to my child if they should need it?
    A:Yes, the Center will administer medication. However, the Center will be provided accurate and precise information regarding a child’s need for medication before it is administering any medication. All medications shall be stored in their original containers with accompanying physician or pharmacist’s directions and the label intact. Nonprescription medications shall be labeled with the child’s name. For every day an authorization for medication is in effect and the child is in attendance, there will be a notation of administration including the name of the medication, date, time, dosage given or applied, and the initials of the person administering the medication or the reason the medication was not given. In the case of medications that are administered on an ongoing, long-term basis, authorization shall be obtained for a period not to exceed the duration of the prescription.
  • Is the Center required to submit to regular health, fire and safety checks?"
    A:The Department of Human Services makes periodic inspections to ensure compliance with licensing requirements. The inspections are conducted by the child care consultant and may be in the form of announced and unannounced visits. The child care consultant conducts at least one unannounced visit each year. The Department of Public Health makes periodic inspections to ensure compliance with health-related licensing requirements. Public health officials conduct periodic audits of immunization records to ensure compliance. Inspections by the state fire marshal or a designee is conducted at any time without prior notice. Inspections can occur on a random basis. Emergency instructions, telephone numbers, and diagrams for fire and tornado are visibly posted by all program and outdoor exits. Emergency plan procedures are practiced and documented at least once a month for fire and for tornado.
  • What is the policy on discipline of my child?
    A:Basic rules of safety and conduct are followed. Parents will be informed by phone and through parent conferences if their child continually displays poor behavior. General discipline techniques involve positive reinforcement of good behavior and careful explanation of behavior that is unacceptable. An activity will be denied for repeated poor behavior and the child will be directed to an alternative activity. If a child continues to cause disruption or does not follow rules, she/he will have one (1) minute/year time out per disruption. “Time Outs” meaning time away from the other children though in the presence of the day caregiver.
  • Will you let me know if my child has a bad day? Will I be able to find out at the end of the day what happened all through the day?
    A:For each child under two years of age, the Center completes a daily written record. At the end of the child’s day at the Center, the daily written record is provided to the parent or the person who removes the child from the Center. The daily written record contains time periods in which the child has slept, the amount of food consumed and the times the child has eaten, the time of and any irregularities in the child’s elimination patterns, the general disposition of the child and a general summary of the activities in which the child participated. For children older than two years of age the Center staff and parents share information both verbally and in writing to ensure the continuity of care. The Center also has a written curriculum that uses developmentally appropriate practices and a written program of activities planned according to the developmental level of the child posted visible to the parents located on the “Focus of the Week” bulletin boards.
  • What is the policy when a child is hurt or falls ill? Will you be called? What if they can't reach me?
    A: Incidents involving a child, including minor injuries, minor changes in health status, or behavioral concerns are reported to the parent on the day of the incident. Incidents resulting in and injury to a child is reported to the parent on the day of the incident. Incidents resulting in a serious injury to a child or significant change in health status is reported to the parent immediately. A written report is provided to the parent or person authorized to remove the child from the Center. The staff member who observed the incident will prepare the written report and a copy is retained in the child’s file. If the parent cannot be reached, the Center will contact the name of the person designated on the registration form by the parent.
  • Do you ever take the children on outings off site? Will I be notified first and have the option to say no? What about car seats, seat belts, extra supervision?"
    A:Children four years of age and older are allowed on outings off site. Parents are notified prior to the field trip and have the option to say, “No”. The Center has three vehicles with proper child restraint systems. Children 4 years of age through 5 years of age are in a child restraint system and children 6 years of age through 10 years of age are secured in a seat belt. Children under the age of 12 are never located in the front seating section of the vehicle. Drivers of the Center’s vehicles posses valid driver’s license. Field trip emergency numbers for each child are located in each van. When seven or more children over the age of three are being transported in one vehicle, at least two adult staff are present. Only one adult is required when the Center is transporting children, with parent authorization for the sole purpose of transporting children to and from school.
  • Can I visit my child during the day?
    A:Yes. Parents are afforded unlimited access to their children and to the staff caring for your child during the Center’s hours of operation, unless parental contact is prohibited by court order.
  • How do we know when our child has been exposed to communicable diseases?
    A:Notices are posted when a child in the Center has been exposed to a communicable disease. The posting includes the communicable disease, symptoms, and a period of communicability and is posted at the main entrance to the Center.
  • Does the Center provide receipts for income tax credits?
    A:End of the year invoices will be completed for all children for income tax credits.
  • Can we use your staff for babysitting outside of the Center's hours of business?
    We discourage staff members from providing private child care or babysitting services on their own time. If a staff member does provide babysitting services, the staff member is acting in his or her individual capacity. If you’d like a member of our staff to provide babysitting services, both you and the staff member must sign a specific release form prior to any services rendered. We will not be responsible for the performance of babysitting services by members of our staff, including transportation of your child(ren).
  • What are the policies regarding closures that create an unsafe situation for the children during regularly hours of business?
    If The Nannies Unlimited must close due to any event that may create an unsafe situation for the children during Nannies Unlimited regular hours of operation, the parents will be notified and will need to make arrangements for their child to be picked up as soon as possible. The staff will stay with the children until they have been picked up. If an event like this happens during the regular business hours, we will make every attempt to contact families before their normal arrival time to the center. There is no tuition refund for emergency closings. If the Center is required at any time to close its doors due to a catastrophic event, tuition (per your contract agreement). is required during those times the Center is closed.
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