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Preschool ~  3, 4 & 5 Year Olds


Sending your child off to preschool is a big step for both children and parents. After all, it’s usually the child’s first taste of true independence and possibly the first time they’ll have been separated from parents or caregivers on a regular basis.

The Nannies Unlimited Child Center and Preschool Inc. is centered on establishing independence, self esteem, and confidence while fostering learning at a child’s own pace.


The Nannies Unlimited Child Center and Preschool Inc. may introduce a lesson to the class as a whole, but will then focus on working with students in small groups as they investigate topics on their own in a carefully prepared classroom environment. This individualized attention means children with special needs, whether they are gifted or delayed, often do well in The Nannies Preschool environment.


With so much emphasis on individual and small-group exploration, the rooms themselves are kept bright, warm, and inviting. They contain many learning centers that allow a child to focus on what they are most interested in, while being shown through gentle encouragement that they should not be afraid of trying new things either. These centers are filled with objects that cater to what preschoolers are most responsive to, highly tactile, very hands-on learning materials that teach through manipulation. The sense that they are in charge of this environment also fosters feelings of responsibility and accountability in the children.  


The Nannies Unlimited Child Center and Preschool Inc. has fun and educational programs planned for the children weekly. It is our plan to make education fun to enhance your child’s natural love of learning. Show and Tell will continue once a week to enhance your child’s public speaking especially in a comfortable setting using items from home that are also comfortable for them.

In our preschool program we do not expect perfection, we award a child with a sticker, star or happy face not necessarily because your child did their work without flaw but because of the effort they made (no matter how minute). We will encourage your child to be an explorer, creator, communicator, interactor, questioner, problem solver, thinker, reasoner, and socializer. Mostly we are going to have fun building self esteem for their future!  


Meet the Preschool Teacher: 


Our Preschool Program begins the first day after Labor Day and continues through the second week in May.


What do we do in preschool?


  • Circle time is a group gathering during which we share our ideas, plans, and observations. Circle activities are designed to stimulate youngsters’ thinking, enrich their social skills, and expand their attention spans.


  • Gross-Motor activities give children the opportunity to use their muscles-as well as their imaginations-as they engage in fun, healthy exercises, such as running, jumping, and climbing.


  • Fine-Motor activities help improve small-muscles development and eye-hand coordination. Some common items found in the fine-motor/manipulative area include puzzles, beads and laces, pegboards, crayons, and scissors.


  • Art activities help youngsters creatively express their thoughts and feelings. They help reinforce fine-motor skills and concept development in areas such as colors, shapes, and size relationships.


  • Dramatic-play activities help children express themselves, practice life skills, improve social skills, increase self-esteem, build vocabulary, and solve problems. And, well, dramatic play is just plain fun!


  • Music Activities promote youngsters’ listening skills, creative expression, and social skills. In music, children can explore sound, volume, tempo, and rhythm.


  • Science activities offer children many hands-on opportunities for observation, exploration, investigation, making predictions, and experimentation.


  • Sand and water activities allow youngsters to experiment with textures and the properties of different substances. These activities also promote the development of other skills, such as math, science, and language.


  • Block play gives children experience with many different concepts, such as shape and size discrimination, spatial relationships, number skills, balance, organization, cause and effect, and classification. Cooperative play skills, problem solving, and creativity are also promoted in block play.


  • Storytime is designed to help youngsters develop an appreciation and enjoyment of literature. Reading activities enhance children’s vocabulary and comprehension skills, and also expand their knowledge base.


Hours: 8:30am - 11:00am Monday through Friday

Snack time: Approximately 8:30 am (included)

 *Tuition: Three year olds not potty trained $110/week/payable monthly

                    Three year olds potty trained $100.00/week/payable monthly

                    Four & Five year olds (not in school) $100/week/payable monthly

                    Plus a $35.00 annual preschool supply surcharge


* The tuition for Preschool is all inclusive for those children currently enrolled full time at the Center.

The above prices could change at any time. The parent, guardian or legal representative will be notified in a timely manner.

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