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Get set to embark on an “ultimate adventure” of discovery and fun during The Nannies Unlimited Summer Enrichment Program. As “Hornets” (Kindergarten – 11 years of age), children will have the opportunity to explore the arts, the sciences, literacy, sports & recreation, and the world of media  through hands-on activities and experiences that will stimulate their creativity, develop new skills, and provide opportunities to build friendships.


Field trips and daily/weekly swim trips will take their adventures beyond the center and out into the community. Children will be trekking through the region to the zoo, parks, museums, and local events to explore the sights, sounds, and happenings of the surrounding areas. To further enhance their “ultimate adventures”, special visitors will share their unique talents, skills, and expertise with the children throughout the summer program.


Children are not required to go on the field trips. They will be allowed to attend, if all required forms are completed and fee requirements met. Attending field trips is not a “given” children “earn” the opportunity to attend field trips with appropriate behavior as outlined in the parent manual.


  • Summer Fees are $150.00/week/per child (This does not include the field trip fees). Field trip rates are adjusted annually and information will be passed along to the parents well in advance along with permission slips. 


Come join the summer fun!


The above price could change at any time. The parent, guardian or legal representative will be notified in a timely manner.

Summer Enrichment Program

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