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Jessica Little 

 On Feb 2, 2024


I am writing this to inform you that we are moving to Clive later this month.  

I want to thank you both for allowing us to enroll Joey here as an infant and your continued presence in his life for before and after school care.  We've used other daycares in the past with our other child and yours is truly a better and more nurturing environment.  We only wish we could have brought our eldest there too. 

Thanks again!

Jessica Little and Joey."

Emily Bombela 



We had conferences for Aaliyah this evening. She is well above where she should be for this fall kindergarten and I just want to thank you and her teachers for all you did for her in Preschool over the past few years. 

Thank you again!


Val Pallwitz



I would and will continue to highly recommend Nannies to any family and friends. You and Vicki and your staff are amazing.


Thank you Val

Steve & Jen McCoy


Thank you. Always appreciated your leadership at the center. I would   recommend Nannie’s to other families!


Jen McCoy

Dustin & Sarah Kelly 


Big day today - after almost 5 years we said goodbye to Declan’s school/daycare at Nannies. He has so many amazing friends he has made there. He has been there since he was 6 weeks old and I had to return to school. 


We joke that he and his girlfriend Lily have been together since the nursery right along with his best buddies Greta, Sam, Nora and Weston. Brantley and several others have joined the mix along the way. 


His teachers though, his teachers made us keep him there when I moved schools- driving all the way to pleasant hill for pickup and drop off. Through COVID we had to trust how his day went when we picked up and dropped off at the door. When he started growing and showing signs of behavior swings, they worked so well with him and us. So many times we cried together as parents, we swapped crazy classroom stories and prayed for each other during the craziest and sometimes worst times of life. 


I’m so thankful for Facebook- because it means it isn’t goodbye forever. It made it easier for him knowing he still can see his friends- just need to have some play dates. 


On Monday he starts at his new center in our new town. 


Today I was scared how I would feel, and to be honest I cried a few times. But I am so thankful for the time and memories and most of all the friendships over the past almost 5 years. 


Thank you for taking care of our kiddo 


Stacey Myers


Hi Cindy,


I hope this email finds you well. I was hoping to catch you this morning when I dropped Greta off, but your door was closed.


It is very bittersweet to write you this morning, as we are looking to put in Greta's two week notice. We are absolutely thrilled that my mother-in-law has recovered from her cancer treatments and now feels ready to watch the girls again. However, we know Greta will miss her friends at Nannies. We've had a great experience here and appreciate everything you and the ladies that have helped care for Greta have done for our family. We will certainly keep you in mind if we need another backup in the future, and for any recommendations for others looking for childcare.


I also wanted to give a huge kudos to Ms. Gracie, Ms. Bella, Ms. Carrie and Ms. Alana. I feel that they have done a great job with Greta these past several months.


Please let me know what I will need to do for this transition to take place. With putting in a notice this morning, am I correct in saying that 9/9 will be Greta's last day at Nannies?


Thank you for everything, Cindy! We will certainly miss the Nannies family.

Stacey Myers

Nick & Katie Grandfield 



I spoke to Cindy about our last day on July 22, 2022 being our last day at Nannies.  We are very sad to be ending our time with you guys, but moving to Norwalk has been a dream of ours to be closer to both sides of our families for a while now!

We do look forward to having a month and a half left with you guys at least and hoping that Lily and Theo give all the snuggles they can!  We've had the best experience with all the teachers there and you should be very thankful for the ones you have!  Especially Joyce, Pam, Angel, Ali, Gracie and Amanda.  We cannot thank them enough for how well they took care of our babes while they were there!


Thank you again for everything, 


The Grandfields

Lindsey Witte

May 14, 2021

It will be such a strange feeling to not have any one at Nannies for the first time in 11 years!  We've loved having all of our kiddos there and we really feel like all of you have been such a big part of our family.  We feel so lucky that we had such a wonderful place for our kids to be happy and safe over the years.  


A huge thank you to you, Vickie, and all of the wonderful teachers we've had over the years!  The kids still think of their favorites often.  We might just have to drop by for a visit every once in a while to check in!


We will keep in touch!




Lindsey Poutre

March 9, 2021

I hope this will work, but if you need something on paper I can absolutely do that. It’s with so many mixed emotions that I’m writing this. This will be our two week notice for Frankie to be done at daycare. She has learned so much in such a short time and we are so incredibly thankful and grateful that you were able to care for her in a very desperate time of need. Your staff in absolutely incredible, always so kind in the mornings and afternoons, and I truly can’t thank you enough for making that aspect easy on this moms heart. I also thought I’d tell you that I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from other families who come to Nannies Unlimited. They have always said how wonderful you all are with the children of all ages. There is a strong possibility that we will reach out for services for our little guy Jett sometime in the future.

Lauri Deaton

 Next week will be Emmy and Stephen's last week at Nannies. You all have been amazing and I am sad to leave but they will be out in the Dallas Center Grimes district and that commute just won't work. Lol. Thank you for being so wonderful and making your center a place I felt comfortable leaving my kids. I will continue to recommend you all to anyone who asks in that area. As of now, their last day should be Wednesday, 12/9. We are gauging it off how Emmy is feeling. We didn't want to transfer her while she was still in pain and a little sensitive and a little "whiny". We feel more comfortable with her in your care while she goes through this as she knows you all so well and you know her. Thank you again for taking such good care of our kids. 


Best Wishes,

Laura Deaton


Nicole Aldrich

Good Morning,


We have made the tough decision to move from our home in Altoona to West Des Moines. As a result, we have decided to transition Vincent out of Nannies. We are planning on having Vincent’s last day be September 4.


We have felt that Vincent (and Matthew) have had such a great experience! The staff have been open, interactive with us, and made us feel happy we made the decision to put our children in their care.


With the last date of September 4, our last payment will be on August 31.


Thank you!


Nicole Aldrich

Holly Thompson

Good morning, 
I’m super duper sad to be emailing this, but I need to inform you that Thursday of next week will be Katies last day at Nannies. We are doing this for no other reason than financial reasons. She will begin attending a half day preschool that we were able to get her approved for that is free. And spending the mornings with family. This was and is a SUPER hard choice to make. We “especially I” have REALLY REALLY TRULY appreciated Nannies and all the love and care she has gotten, way beyond just normal childcare. I have been able to drop her off and not have any concern about not only her safety and mental well being but the fact that she’d be getting hugs and love that she so deserves. Being a mama who fought so hard to adopt her kiddos I had a really hard time leaving them during the day. But Nannies made this so much easier. I have appreciated the staff more than I could ever show. It’s breaking my heart to not attend any more, but unfortunately life throws us in different directions at times and I just have to pray the next stage is as great for her. I’m going to be an emotional roller coaster for a while and figured I’d better email to inform everyone. I’m hoping Katies current teachers can make this sound like a fun new adventure for her, even though inside we’re all a little sad. She knows she will be leaving, we have visited her new school and she is so far excited about her new class and toys and playground and her locker lol. 
Thanks again so much for all you guys have done. And especially for adding a little bit of Jesus to her day with prayer. ❤️

Amy Palmer

I am saddened to share that Kinsler's last day at the Nannies will be Friday, June 1st 2018. Your childcare facility has been such a blessing to our son and our family and will greatly be missed!

Kinsler will be spending the summer with/mom & brothter & attending Phillips Elementary in the Fall; his brother currently attends Metro there which will hopefully help with the transition for Kinsler. 

Thank you so much for everything you did and currently to help Kinsler develop academically, physically & behaviorally. Your facility and faculty will greatly be missed. 

Matt & Lisa Hesse

Our family has nothing but incredible things to say about Nannies Unlimited. The staff, at all levels and in all roles, is extremely welcoming and positively involved in every part of our child’s care. We have always been kept in the loop about everything and anything our child is up to. Communication is clearly a core value amongst education, social skills and compassionate care. We have nothing but positive things to say to our friends and family about Nannies Unlimited and will continue to recommend them to anyone who will listen. Thanks for all you’ve done for our kiddo!


Lisa M. Hesse

Findley Elementary Art Instructor, Des Moines Public Schools

Arts Integration Specialist, Findley Elementary School

Tim & Kellie Stoops



Saylor's last day at the Nannie's will be Friday, November 24th. We want you to know that this is hard for us! We have loved the short time we have been here and knowing that our Saylor Mae was well cared for and loved. Ms. Gracie especially will be missed.


Thank you for the great care these last months - it has made going back to work much easier knowing that our sweet girl is in good hands.


-Tim and Kellie Stoops

Justin & Kristi Armatis

Good afternoon Cynthia & Victoria,


Per our conversation this morning:  (I think I will have them both end the same day after thinking about it)


Meleena and Charlee’s last day at Nannies will be Friday Aug 18th, 2017.  We will be moving to Ankeny this fall and Meleena will be enrolled in the Ankeny School system. 


Please, let me know if you need anything else from me.


Thank you so much for everything you have done and provided for our family.   You and your team made our girls’ transition to the Des Moines area go better than I could have ever expected and they both enjoyed their new environment, so again thank you! 


I will always speak highly of your facility and would be happy to send anyone your way looking for care.


Thank You,

Justin & Kristi Armatis

Jessica Boeke

Thank you so much for taking care of Maddi and Kayla all these years. You and your staff have played an important role in their development and have helped shape who they are today. My new job has given me the opportunity to work from home and I am going to enjoy the girls while I can. It's all new and scary and at the same time and the change will be difficult for everyone. Maddy and Kayla's last day at the Nannies will be May 31, 2017. I appreciate your understanding and support. I wish you all the best and hopefully still be able to touch base at soccer. 

Chris Odgaard

Vicki & Cindy,

This is officially letting you know that Jagger, Beckam, and Everly's last day at the Nannies will be May 19th. 


We will be moving to Ankeny on May 24th and were originally going to keep them at Nannies until the first part of June. Unfortunately our schedules has become incredibly busy the last couple weeks of the month so we have hired a nanny to help us get the kids back and forth to school until the end of the year.


We appreciate all that everyone has done for the kids over the years and it has been fun to watch them grow because of it. the kids will miss it a lot!!


Thanks again and best wishes in the future!!

Mariana Murillo



My husband and I have been blessed with the opportunity to purchase our first home. We are beyond excited to have the room for Fernando to grow, play, and run around in but are extremely sad because this also means we will have to switch daycares (we will be moving to the Clive/Waukee area). Fernando's last day at Nannies will be Friday, March 10th. We are beyond grateful for the care, support, and guidance we have received from everyone at Nannies Ultd. This will definitely cause a difficult transition for the 3 of us. 


Please let me know if you need anything from us in the meantime. I will keep the girls updated as we move along in our moving process.


Thanks again for everything!


Mariana Murillo


David & Sarah Bierce

Hello :)


Attached is our official termination letter for Eleanor Bierce as she will begin kindergarten in the fall.


Thank you for making us feel at home the last 5+ years at Nannies. We will miss the wonderful teachers we've come to love. 



Sarah Bierce

Chad Willeford Southeast Polk High School Art Department Head Coach - Girls Track & Field / Cross Country

"As she will be moving on to a new school building this coming fall, we will no longer require your services a that time as well.


Sarah and I would like to thank  you for all that you have done for both of our children throughout the years. We appreciate your dedication to the kids and to providing a service we both trust and depend on. 


We wish you well in the futrure." 


Chad & Sarah Willeford

Meredith and John Rumohr

I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of Miss Sherri and everyone that has helped with Noelle (and me).  Everyone has been so patient and helpful.  They helped brainstorm ideas of how to make this transition easier which means the world to me.  Coming from our previous situation, it gives me peace of mind knowing how much you all care.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Meredith and John Rumohr




Dr. Stacey Milani / Mercy Pediatric Clinic

Thanks for taking such good care of my girls for the past 8+ years.  I have always been pleased with the care they have received and will continue to recommend you all to those that ask.

Tracey & Cory Doss

Dear Cindy, Vicki & staff of Nannies Unlimited:


We feel incredibly fortunate that we found your center for our daughters. We appreciate the relationships that we, and the girls, have developed with the teachers. They have fun each day and are continually learning and growing. The classroom activities are fantastic and the teachers genuinely care about the children.


Watching them develop and grow in such a nurturing environment has truly been a blessing and we can’t thank you enough.


Please know you all will be missed!


Tracey & Cory Doss


Leah Skinner

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to take a minute and share with you how pleased we are with how the girls are doing a Nannies Unlimited. Even with all the changes at home with the move and with thier care, both grils are doing really well. They are much calmer and happier than before. We know that your staff and program have a lot to do with that - so thanks form our family to yours.


Leah Skinner 

EJ and Luke Dickerson

December 6, 2014


To Nannies Unlimited:

We’ve really enjoyed having Anson at Nannies Unlimited. The attention that Ms. Emily and Ms. April provide is fantastic, and we can tell that they really care for the children.  Anson has learned a lot through arts and crafts, and even just regular play: how to get on and off of his toy vehicles, dancing, singing, painting and coloring. The facility is well-maintained, there are many activities going on, and we appreciate Ms. Emily accommodating our son’s lunch preparations. We can tell Anson has fun each day and we would recommend Nannies Unlimited to anyone.



EJ and Luke Dickerson


Tricia Mahan

“Our family had just moved to Iowa from Oregon over the summer so we did not know many people in the area.  We initially enrolled in child care services in Pleasant Hill, close to our home.  However, after 2 months my husband and I found ourselves in a stressful situation where we needed to find a new daycare provider in a hurry for our 2 year-old son.  Our son has always gone to daycare centers and we felt that a center was the best choice for him.  On the east side of Des Moines, there is not much available for child care in a “center” atmosphere and we weren’t willing to accept just any kind of provider for our child.  After some investigating we discovered that a friend of ours took her daughters to Nannies Unlimited.  I had seen the center in the telephone book but had never really given it much thought because it was further east than just to Pleasant Hill.  Anyway, my friend had been taking her daughters there for several years and had nothing but fantastic things to say about the facility itself, the staff, the care and the academic preparation that Nannies provided for her children.  I decided to take a visit and see for myself.  My initial reaction was one of comfort and a down-to-earth home feeling.  The center was clean and very well organized.  The staff was friendly and presented themselves as very professional and competent teachers and caregivers.  The directors were very friendly but they were also straightforward in what their center offers as well as their expectations of both the children and the parents.   We signed up and started services in mid-November 2004.  Since this time my husband and I have noticed that our son’s vocabulary and speech has increased dramatically.   I particularly notice how happy his mood is when I pick him up every day.  We can tell that he is learning to share, to be a helper and to make good choices.  In the morning when my husband takes him to “school” he has no issues separating whatsoever.  I have even dropped in at school a couple of times to observe the curriculum in his room as well as his interaction with the teachers and the other children.  I am impressed by the skill level of the teachers in his room as well as the routine that they have established to help the children learn basic skills.  Overall, our situation started out as a desperate search for a new daycare provider and ended as being a blessing in disguise with finding Nannies Unlimited. “ 

Ron and Julie Cronk

“My husband and I have three young children who have attended Nannies Unlimited for app. 1 year.


Our son is 2 yrs old. We are constantly amazed at what he has learned at the age of 2. The teachers and staff in his room genuinely care about him. They keep us informed of information that we need to know. They have been very helpful in answering our questions and offering support as our son grows and develops. He is very happy and content.

One of our daughters is 4 yrs old. Her teachers and staff are great. They are able to focus on her as an individual in helping her get ready to go to school next year as well as helping her grow socially. We feel like the staff is not just watching her while we are at work but helping us raise her to be a good person.

Our other daughter attends Nannies before and after school as well as all day on school breaks and during the summer. Her teachers and staff have been great with providing school transportation. Their program supplements her school work and she has fun. They plan lots of fun activities and field trips with the kids. Our daughter attended Nannies preschool last year. They provided her with an excellent foundation to start kindergarten. She has been very successful in school this year and we feel it is due to the early education she got at Nannies.

We have an open and easy relationship with Cindy and Vicki and the staff. The communication between us has been great. We feel that Nannies has not only supported our children but us as parents and as a family. My husband and I feel the children are genuinely cared about and loved. We are very much at ease with our children in Nannies care.”

Tracy Edwards

“After making the decision to return to work full-time, I was extremely anxious about finding a quality day care provider for my two daughters. My husband and I interviewed and toured several facilities before visiting the Nannies. Here we finally found what we had been looking for - a clean, safe environment with a caring and interactive staff that truly seemed to enjoy engaging in activities with the children! We instantly knew that this was the kind of environment that we wanted for our daughters. Over the last 3 1/2 years, I have watched my children thrive at the Nannies. They both continue to look forward to attending the center each day, with my oldest now a "schooler" and my youngest now a "firefly." I can't say enough about the personal rapport that we get from all of the Nannies staff, including the high school students that only work part-time in the afternoons. I feel that the truest test of a good day care is your child's own report so I asked my children what they liked best about the Nannies and they said "The teachers are really nice, they have the best playground, and it's just a lot of fun!" As parents, we all want what is best for our children. I can honestly say that the Nannies has not only met my expectations as a parent, but has also met the expectations of my children. I am very thankful to both Cyndie and Vickie for the individual attention that they extend to each family. But most of all, I am thankful for the quality day care environment that they continue to provide for my children. The Nannies truly has been a blessing to our family.”

Brenda Bash

“When my husband and I started looking for a daycare, we wanted a facility that would be not only a safe place for our baby, but one that would foster her growth, educationally, physically and emotionally. We checked numerous in-homes and other larger facilities. I did my homework and found that The Nannies seemed to fit. The glowing review from DHS and others that go there sealed the deal.


Trusting someone with your most precious treasure is never easy, but we found that the transition was seamless. We have been so pleased to be a part of this facility for nearly 3 years.  Our daughter has formed strong bonds with the staff and has found friendship with her playmates.  She enjoys going and in her own small vocabulary speaks highly of them as well.  She has been not just “taken care of”.  She has truly been nurtured.


Cyndie and Vickie are wonderful and have chosen an incredible staff.  They all know the children by name and are full of encouragement for both our child and ourselves.


I cannot say enough positive things about The Nannies Unltd. They are everything we hoped for our child and have been a deeply committed partner in parenting”.

Marilyn J. Merrell

“As a foster parent for more than fifteen years, and an adoptive parent for seven years, I have had occasion to use several different child care centers.


I have been extremely pleased with the care my three special needs children have received at Nannies Unlimited over the past four years. My children have grown to be happy, active and inquisitive under the care of the directors and their staff. The staff is superb! They are always friendly and courteous to me, and greet my daughter each morning when she enters the classroom. She is growing academically, emotionally and socially; she is getting love and nurturing; and she gets gentle discipline when it is needed. The directors and staff are always willing to discuss any concerns I might have. They have often been an encouragement to me when I felt my child was experiencing behavior problems, or was slow in toilet training.


My older children, who are now school age, enjoy coming back to Nannies in the summer to participate in their summer program. They enjoy outings to the library each week, swimming almost daily, and the special field trips.


My experience has been very positive and rewarding. Nannies Unlimited is an advocate for children. The directors and staff at Nannies are wonderful, and have certainly gone the extra mile with our family.” 

Jennifer Harvey

“I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old at The Nannies Unlimited.  They both love going to Nannies.  I feel my 5 year old is very prepared for her up coming year in Kindergarten because of the Nannies.  My 3 year old is the same way - he gets just enough structure with just enough play time to think he is going to school and having a ball doing so.  The staff at The Nannies Unlimited is great.  They always have comments on how my kids did that day.  They listen when I have concerns or comments of my own.  My 5 year old takes dance on Mondays, I take her dance clothes to the Nannies and they get her ready so when I pick her up we can head straight to dance.  It's the extra things like this that can make it easier on me and they are willing to help.


At The Nannies Unlimited my children are not just looked after during the day, I feel like they are loved during the day.”


Christine K. Franck

“Our children have been a part of the Nannies Unlimited family for the past four years.  Prior to enrolling our children in this current program, they had been exposed to a home daycare environment as well as another public daycare facility. 


The Nannies Unlimited facility and program has been, by far, the cleanest facility based on our past experiences.  Both of our children are intellectually stimulated with age appropriate activities provided by the staff.  All staff members that we have worked with have been excellent at communicating and have always been warm and welcoming to all of the children. 


We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to expose our children to such a positive and caring environment and never worry about our children's care and health while they are under the supervision of the Nannies Unlimited staff.”  

Sean and Sheila Jenkins

Dear Cindy, Vickie and staff of the Nannies Unlimited,


    “We would like to thank you for the past six years that you have cared for our children. During this time they have grown and developed great social skills. They have also developed a love of learning through the interaction with the staff and the time spent in the on sight preschool program. They look forward to seeing us at the end of each day and sharing what they learned and telling us about the fun that they had. They truly love going to the Nannies Unlimited each day.

    As parents, we feel very fortunate to have our children cared for by a staff that really cares about our family.” 

Deanna Carroll

“I would also like to say at this time that I am amazed at how much Jessica has learned this year.  She is way beyond what Jordan was before he started Kindergarten.  He attended a Des Moines center prior to Kindergarten and didn't even know half of what Jessica does.  Jordan still struggles in school where I believe Jessica is definitely ready to start school.  As a single parent this is a great relief for me since I already have one child who struggles.  I am VERY impressed in what the teachers have accomplished with Jessica this year!!!  Thanks for having a great staff & teachers!!!!!!”

Lisa M. Altes

"We have been at the Nannies for 5 years total. We tried other daycares that were closer to our home but were not completely satisfied. We chose to take our son back to the Nannies as we really liked the quality of education he obtained in pre-school and also the cleanliness of the center. They have an excellent, and very caring staff at all age levels. We feel our son gets great care at the Nannies and that is the most important thing!"


Kari Catron

“We really appreciate everything the Nannies has done for our family.  When we decided to buy a new home, one of the criteria for us was to stay in the area so our children could continue to go to the Nannies.  The staff is great at letting us know what we need to know, especially our youngest child’s healthy appetite and the stories our oldest son likes to share.  We have found that it is a safe and professional place to take our kids, where they can learn, grow, have fun and just be kids.”  

Nikki Nollen

”I also wanted to say how happy I am with the Nannies and the preschool program Haris is in. Shelly and her helpers (as well as the rest of the Nannies staff) are so wonderful-you couldn't have a better staff there. Thanks again for everything!”


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